Monday, August 08, 2005

Dr. Lee Humor

In brining some humor to Microsoft's attempt to prevent its former executive Dr. Lee from working at Google for the next year, WebProNews suggests that Dr. Lee fill an open "executive chef" position listed on Google's "open positions" postings. They also note that Dr. Lee is not one for idle time:

Give the man credit. When stuck for a way to finish his grad paper on speech recognition, he took a year off to write a world-champion Othello program. Then came back and knocked off that pesky paper to earn his doctorate.

That's a geek hero if there ever was one. All he needs is a Persian cat and a monocle and he could take over the world. Hey Doc, if you're not going to be busy for the next few months, why not stop by the WebProNews offices? We'd like to see if you're as good at backgammon as you are at Othello.


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